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Inspired by a Dragonfly Story

As adults we usually do not pick up children stories unless we have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students. However many children’s books are written with good ideas and wonderful messages. I wonder what children’s book could inspire you today?
My partner Rich just returned from Colorado from vacation. He was visiting his adult children and enjoyed also visiting some of the places where he grew up … from his childhood. While he was gone I looked at some children’s books that I thought were inspirational. When Rich returned from his visit I asked him if he would be willing to listen to a children’s story that I found inspirational. It was evening and he was tired but agreed and he sat attentively listening.
I read the book The Dragonfly Door creatively written by John Adams and beautifully illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson. In the story there was an interaction between a nymph and a dragonfly, as well as other pond-dwelling creatures. This story is beautifully illustrated and it is such a joy to just look at the pictures. Did you know, by the way, that after a dragonfly egg hatches that it stays in the water for 1 to 6 years? I learned something from a children’s book!
The story is something that I found inspirational, despite that it was about dragonflies, beetles, and fish in personal relationships. It also reminded me of my relationship with the planet and life. It inspired me also to “share” a story and enjoy this simple time with my partner.
Dragonfly DoorI encourage you to consider reading this book The Dragonfly Door because it’s a short story and a simple one. Go to a bookstore or library and check out the children’s story.
Sometimes it’s the short and simple story that brings us new insight.

Inspired by a Dragonfly Story

Here are some special points that you might find in this book:

  • Cycle of Life – This book may give children a story to help them process the cycle of life.
  • Healing – When a children has a loss, counseling can help them work through grief.
  • Tools – Stories are a wonderful tool for counselors.
  • Science – Learn some facts about the life of dragonflies.

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