Today is designated as International Women’s Day. What does that mean to you?
Women generally run around taking care of everyone but themselves. If you are a woman, this could be one of those days when you take a break, and celebrate yourself with “Peace Time.”  How to do that?  How about reading a book by a renown woman?
My Peace Time today is with a woman author, who gives me a spiritual life. I’m reading The Wisdom of Sundays written by Oprah Winfrey, a woman who has made a big difference for so many in the world. I see her as a hero. Oprah says on her website that she likes to read something inspiring first thing when she wakes up. She explains that she is a “spiritual being having a human experience.” It feels this way to me, too.
In Oprah’s book she has interesting conversations from the wisdom of amazing people, both men and women. The women in her book, included many whom I was familiar, such as Brene Brown, Caroline Myss, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gloria Steinem, Sue Monk Kidd, and Amy Purdy. These are names I recognized. When I read conversations with Diana Nyad, I had to look her up.
Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of sixty-four. Stop! 64! Wow! We’re talking 111 miles, what is considered an epic feat of endurance and human will.
Nyad wrote a book called “Find a Way.” Isn’t that title inspiring! Her three poignant messages on her swim in shark-infested waters were:
o  Never, ever give up.
o  You’re never too old to chase your dreams.
o  It looks like a solitary sport, but it’s a Team.
Each of these messages gives me goose bumps when I imagine such magic words keeping her going in shark-infested waters!  Wow!  I am totally amazed that such a feat was done by any person, but a woman who is not in her 20’s?! Amazing.
It is people like this who truly are made of star stuff. Actually, come to think of it, we are all made of star stuff.
Celebrate a woman in your world today! If it’s you… take some Peace Time… and grab a book for inspiration by a woman author. Or if you like, begin writing one of your own.
If you are looking for a Coach to form an alliance and help you in your focus, call me. I’m looking forward to reading it.