Rich Aanrich In Perspective

Yesterday morning I was doing my daily mindfulness time and was looking out through the large window with a view of several trees. It was a bright beautiful morning and a lot of birds were flying south in their morning journey for the day.
I noticed five birds flying together and was surprised when all of a sudden four of the birds moved rapidly across the sky and the one bird was still moving quite slowly along. Probably another couple dozen extra birds also flew randomly by across, as the other bird was still quite slowly just barely moving across the sky.

Unlearning, Relearning, and Being Aware

I laughed as it became obvious that even though all the birds were about the same size and dark color…one wasn’t a bird, it was a plane several miles high. The birds being closer and the plane seemed as one group and it was all in the eyes expectation or perspective. Our minds trying to make sense out of what it sees quickly gives us what we expect is there.
It is a lesson in perspective for me as I continue to ask my higher power to help me be more wise and kind. A quote that I read often is “We are a mix of Conditioned Rationalized Thought, filtered through Convoluted Biases and Beliefs.” “True wisdom comes from self awareness and realizing that what we think and believe is mostly wrong!”

It’s a Lesson in Perspective!

This was a great nudge in my morning awareness and I really enjoyed the observation and the learning!
I’d say grateful except I don’t agree with the spelling. Grate-full should be “great-full”. A grate is something that sorts course things, like a grate in your stove or fireplace. Great on the other hand is how appreciative I am…just saying!
Rich Aanrich