Be a Beam of Light - Photo by Richard Aanrich

Be a Beam of Light – Photo by Richard Aanrich

Have you been approached by a person in ragged clothes, asking for money for a meal? What did you do?  Listen to this story of personal dragons. Perhaps you will be encouraged to be a beam of light.


Years ago I was Principal of a small design firm in Santa Cruz, California, and I used to walk with clients to local places for meals. Along the way, we would be “accosted” by a person “begging” for money for a meal. I was all dressed in a designer suit, decked with elegant jewelry, and discussing their design needs. Since we were deeply involved in conversation, we ignored the person and kept walking. I’m embarrassed to remember this old behavior, but then we are all growing humans and get lessons along the way.


One client walked with me and stopped when a person stopped and asked.  He said, “I would be happy to purchase a meal for you. What are you hungry for now?”
Stopping in my tracks, I stared. My business associate had done what I had not had the courage to do when asked by people needing help.  I felt like I flew out of my body and watched the scene as an intelligent, friendly gentleman with a gold watch guided a homeless person and a woman in a designer suit over to a local sandwich shop. They ordered food, and sat down together and silently ate, sharing company.
The homeless person saved half of his meal, wrapped it carefully and packed it in his backpack. He looked at us through his dirty face and knotty hair and said he wanted to draw a picture for us. Taking pencil and some crumpled paper from his pack, he laid it on the table. Smoothing out the paper the best he could, he skillfully sketched some dragons. He handed one to the man with me, who gratefully thanked the  homeless man.

Personal Dragons.

“I make you a picture, too, lady,” he said to me. Then he looked me in the eye, and it was as though I could see his story, hearing silent words, and feel for a soul who suffered in cold, loneliness and pain.  Putting pencil to paper, he drew another picture of different dragons. The paper held his precious skill and time, and paper which he must have gathered and saved. Finishing it, he examined his hand-drawn picture, while sucking in his bottom lip. Then, looking at me with big open eyes, he moved it across the table to me.

Touching Pictures.

As I picked up the sketch of dragons a million emotions ran through my veins. “Thank you,” I said. “You are a good artist.” I would know, too, because this was my business and he was far more skilled than me.
With a nod he picked up his pack and walked off.  It was this day that I felt the gift that a homeless person passed to me. Touching his picture gave me empathy. It’s not that I had always been selfish, because I gave much of my time to organized charities like the Chamber of Commerce and Girl Scouts, but this was different. No one would ever know that we purchased a meal for this unknown man and gave him company to enjoy a meal.

BE A BEAM of Light and Kindness.

Please notice the people, standing in the cold or heat and give them a moment. Sometimes the deepest desire is just to be seen as a human being present in the moment. Being invisible is fine when you truly do not want anyone to find you, but these people may have gathered much courage to come up to you. So, come forward and take the time for an unknown act of kindness.  Let’s make this a better place to live.

Dealing with Dragons.

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Photo Credit: Fatima
Thank you to the person who posted this photo of a homeless person, which opened my memory to share this story.