Buckle up and Get Ready!

New Awakening by Cat Wilson

It’s time to travel on your learning ship! Apositiva is transitioning as we make our services more accessible to people for experiential and distance training. Workshops for you to sample. Some to grow.
Cat has been analyzing the needs and designing and developing new approaches to meet the needs of people interested in personal self development. You will hear more as we implement new services and classes. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your feedback!
Our cherished clients and students matter to us, and we are here for your growth and healing. Our hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Creativity, and coaching programs will be offered in half day classes during the week and on week-ends.

Wish you were here.. but you’re over there?

It’s long been Cat’s dream to meet the needs of people in distant places. Our webinars and online sessions have been in development. In the coming weeks you will be hearing more about these online excursions.

Are You Looking for Personal Growth?

Cat Wilson loves to bring out the artist in you, and her focus this March will begin with Mindfulness, Meditation, and Creativity.
Are you on the path to self development?
Have you wondered about giving yourself more focus?
What would happen if you and your life partner, children, colleagues could communicate?
Using blended learning and innovative processes, Cat introduces a morsel of skills to enhance the living experience.
Ready to jump on the star of your choosing and light up your life? Select a class in creativity and see how bright you shine!

Be a Better You Classes

Communication-Relationships – Friday, February 16th, Class 4:30 pm – 6 pm
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Mindfulness – Friday, March 16th, Registration: 4:00 pm, Class 4:30-6 pm
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Motivation – Friday, March 23rd, Registration: 4:00 pm, Class 4:30-6 pm
[paypal_button type=”buynow” name=”Motivation” amount=”29.00″]
The following two classes are being rescheduled to April. Hold tight for new dates.
Creativity – Friday, _____________, Registration: 4:00 pm, Class 4:30-6 pm
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Rapport – Saturday, ______, Registration: 1 pm, Class 1:30 pm – 3 pm
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And for artistic and creative fun!

You can be a genius and and artist and find solutions.
Come to Cat Wilson’s Mindmapping class.
Get more information by clicking here.

Mindmapping – Sunday, March 25th, Registration: 9:00 am, Class 9:30 am -4 pm
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Are you looking for business classes?

Coming this March, TJ Helm is bringing her knowledge and humor to Apositiva in Friday and Saturday business classes. She is an entrepreneur and business consultant, who brings training to people who want to create their own business in the Pacific Northwest.
She is an outgoing and fun presenter, who brings an “outside of the box” wisdom. I’ve known TJ for years, and what I’ve experienced is a guide who borders on genius! She currently owns Galileo Professional Services.

It’s Your Business

So you have a business. TJ has something for you. Got goals? What!? Time to get going and plant some seeds. These classes are 90-minute presentation packed with delicious ideas.
Some of the topics TJ Helm will present for business owners and entrepreneurs include the following: Stress, Goals, Essentials, Tradeshows, Marketing, and Lead Nurturing.
All classes can be signed up for in advance by calling Apositiva.

Better Business Classes

Goals – Friday, March 16th, Registration: 6:30 pm, Class 7-8:30 pm
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Essentials – Friday, March 23rd, Registration: 6:30 pm, Class 7-8:30 pm
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Tradeshow – Saturday, March 24th, Registration: 10 am, Class 10:30 am – 12 pm
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The following two classes are being rescheduled to April. Hold tight for new dates.
Marketing – Friday, ______________, Registration: 6:30 pm, Class 7-8:30 pm
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Lead Nurturing – Saturday, ________________, Registration: 10 am, Class 10:30 am- 12 pm
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Regular Price: $29
At the Door: $35
Passport 6 classes: $150  ($25/class)
Passport to Learning
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Passports to Learning

Cat Wilson, Creativityologist

Passports to Learning classes are so much fun, that you may want to travel through your learning with a Passport to Learning.
Passports are Apositiva’s Learning Package. You can purchase one for the number of classes you want to attend, AND you can use them for ANY classes. Yes! Our passports will be available for Life Learnings in March 2018. These passports will be seasonal, and good for three months of learning. CEU’s can be provided.
Stay tuned as we add more to meet your needs in personal development, business enhancement, and enjoyment in growing.
Contact Cat Wilson to sign up for these classes or click the button online to sign up for classes now.