Love in a Shell

What keeps us from expressing love out in the open? Even if you don’t have a romantic love connection, there are plenty of opportunities to express love with our friends, family, and ourselves. But when it feels like everyone else is parading around with bouquets of roses and heart shaped balloons, the easiest thing is to withdraw our love, like a soft creature hiding in its shell.

Love Sick or Sick of Love?

If you’re sitting inside on a cold day and struggling to get over a bad cold, the prospect of going out to show love in the world looks pretty daunting. Who’s going to fall in love with me when I have these terrible sniffles?
Give yourself a break, because you can start by loving and caring for yourself. That’s what the shell is for. It’s not a permanent and hopeless hiding spot, just a place to do the work we need to do on ourselves.
Love doesn’t look so bad when it’s an extra hour of sleep or two, an especially nourishing meal, or staying home for the evening to do something creative. What makes you feel well and vibrant? Do that!
Personally, I feel rejuvenated when I play music and write poetry. These activities connect me with and allow me to express a love that can be even more powerful than romance, whether I’m alone or with others. This gives me the energy and sense of purpose I need to step out of my shell and tell someone that I love them.

Life Beyond the Shell

Is it all that simple? No, of course not. We all have doubts, past traumas, and accumulated life junk to deal with. We can all use some help and encouragement to imagine and manifest the new world beyond the shell.
If you are blessed to have a friend who cares about you and can listen without judgment, that’s a great place to start. Talking honestly about love and how we struggle with it isn’t just positive on a personal level, it’s important to the whole planet, which is certainly in need of more love right now.
So if this love holiday has made you feel a bit bitter and angsty, just remember that there are countless ways to love and the world needs your love. Start with yourself, and don’t worry about all the rest, at least not yet.
At Apositiva, we’re all about helping folks like you achieve the kind of positive change that makes you feel ready to let your love out of its shell. Sound good? Contact Cat Wilson to learn more about how we can help you to change subconscious patterns, build confidence, and learn to be your own Valentine.
Happy Valentine’s Day!