By Cat Wilson

Are your thoughts serving you? Do you pick up stray words? Do you find yourself going down a dark path with your thoughts leading you to sadness, beating yourself up (beating yourself down)? Here are some tips on how to listen to yourself and engage productive thoughts by minding your mind.

How do new words get in my head?

I read a lot: blogs, E-mails from my students, colleagues, friends, and books by authors from distant lands. I find my mind does something interesting.

While I read… my mind wanders off.. and plays with the stories, later showing up with new thoughts, words, and ideas. Like a kid finding lost puppies and saying, “Can I keep him?”

Some thoughts are good ones. Others need to be caged and tamed… or let go.

I find myself walking around with new ideas, words, and sometimes recipes to try out. In reading an Australian novel I found myself using words like “mate” and trying out recipes for Anzac biscuits (a yummy rolled oat cookie).

Does the thought fit?

New thoughts can be like trying on a new outfit. Some fit. Some don’t fit.

It’s up to you to figure out what thoughts fit you and your world. That’s where it’s important to learn how to “mind your mind.”

Let’s do a self-esteem check.

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and grown? For example, “Argh. I’m getting old.

How well do you take a compliment? Someone says, “You look great in that outfit!” and you reply, “Oh, this old thing?” IF it’s the latter, you need to do some thought taming. What you say to yourself you can make true. Your mind only knows what you tell it or allow it to believe.

Mind your mind.

Notice your current thought. Write it down. How do you feel about it? If you feel good about that thought such as “I’m looking forward to my exercise program,” you are on the right track. If you find yourself saying, “I’ll never get to the gym,” then you are allowing the wrong thoughts to live in your brain.

Listen to what you say to yourself.

Positivity can be used to uplift self-esteem, creativity, and positive activity. What do you do when the cloud shows up? How do you get that lift?

One way is to snap out of it! Snap your fingers and say, “Stop!” Breathe. Say to your self, “I’m fine. I’m okay.”

Give yourself a series of focus words and thoughts to get you focused. Words like: confidence, understanding, discipline will all direct a new path for your thinking.

The point is to mind your mind and choose the thoughts that serve you and let go of the ones that get in your way.

Start today by sifting through some thoughts and choosing the ones you feel good in. Make a list of beliefs and ideas you want to carry in your mind. Make it a point to give yourself time to adjust your mind to a higher level.

You can mind your mind better.

Become the highest and best possible you by engaging productive thoughts by minding your mind.

Remember you are not alone. Apositiva works with people through counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy to give you control over your mind. When you need help to tame those thoughts, call us at Apositiva.