How do you handle life when everything starts looking foggy?

In looking forward to the unknown, how are you sustained in your wanderings? Can you be calm when the seas of life get choppy? Can you be mindful in the moment?
Today I spoke with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Why did it take so long to connect? We were busy in our lives in different places. We both moved a few times. Yet, despite time and space, we found one common point: mindfulness sustains us.

Mindful in the Moment

When you are out sailing on a big ship, you have to let go of land. You cannot see the shore and you are in a vastness of water.
Beyond the horizon is nothingness. Out in the ocean you are open to the unknown, yet if you simply return to being present in your body, you can relax. This is being mindful in the moment.
If you have fears you may find yourself in a fog. Perhaps a mist of fear. In the “mist of fear” where do you turn? Mindfulness.
Using meditation and mindfulness in the moment, you become calm.
Simply being present gives you what is true, while everything else falls away. Taking time to meditate with simple breathing in and breathing out, and focusing on the breath calms the nerves, relaxes mind, and uplifts spirit. You connect to a quiet stillness.
My friend commented that by using regular mindfulness and meditation, “You become calm in any situation.

Look forward to the unknown.
You can be calm and sustained in your wanderings when the seas of life get choppy by being mindful in the moment, right now.

Mindfulness and More

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Go forth and and be calm along the way to your next destination.