Are you a Creative? Many creative people are looking to express their passion. Yet, they get stuck. Do you have a creative nature you want to nurture?
Creatives are artists, poets, musicians, writers, as well as talk show hosts, coaches, leaders, film makers, physicists (yes, technical people can be creatives, too), and other people who have an idea they want to grow. Ideas are seeds. It takes a gardener to help nurture that seed. You can be the nurturing gardener when you have passion.
Passion is an energy! It is an idea filled with joy, enthusiasm, curiosity, love, and excitement.  Yet, it is also a journey.
Most people get passionate about something in their life. It may be from loving creatures and wanting to contribute to their well-being. You could be passionate about food. Perhaps you’ve seen passion in others in causes, such as helping those in need.
Passion can show up from overcoming obstacles and wanting to share the story in a song or a book. What have you done in your life that you want to share? How would it change life for others if they had your story to encourage them? If this makes you tingle … you have a seed in you.  Nurture your nature.
To produce the thing of your passion it takes action. Step-by-step you bring your creative efforts to the surface.

Five Steps to Nurture Your Creative Nature

Is your inner creative spirit texting your soul? Remember an idea is yours until it someone else captures it. Start now. Here are five steps to nurture your nature on your creative path.

  1. Write. Draw. Record.

    Capture your concept when it’s hot! Write in a journal. Draw or mindmap the idea in 10 minutes. Record it on your phone or computer.

  2. Calendar

    Set up 30-minute appointments with yourself to nurture your nature. Keep your appointments.

  3. Visualize and Imagine

    Sit quietly every day and go into a quiet space where you allow your inner creative muse to give you tips and steps to creative the garden for your seed of passion.

  4. Nurture Self

    Nurture and be kind to your inner Creative by giving yourself permission to make mistakes. Work on something and let yourself be goofy. Eat healthy food. Get out for exercise; stretching, walking, dancing, anything that gets your body moving. Put on music that feeds your soul. Breathe deeply.

  5. Water Your Seed. 

    Take a shower or a bath when your mind has left the room. Sometimes what a Creative needs is a new perspective and water has a way of refreshing nature.

Passion Takes Mental Energy

Where would Paris be if it hadn’t held Paris 1900, a wonderful exposition of ideas and artistic endeavors? Your passion is needed. Yet it will take mental energy.
Once an idea seed falls from the tree in front of you the life of that idea is in your hands.
Know that your seed and passion will ask that you make time to play. Can you give yourself permission to nurture that seed?
It’s your choice how to respond to your passion. You can choose to ignore it. You can choose to pick it up, hold it, love it, and give it space in your life and world. Realize that ignoring passion
If you are under mental stress from holiday stress, work obstacles, or anything that sucks your mind you can relax with meditation, hypnosis, and energy practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Give Voice to Your Creative

Listen to your intuition and make a positive difference in the world.
Nurture your creative nature with your mind, body and spirit.
You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Help is here.
Apositiva provides a nurturing sacred space for gardeners of passion and creativity.
Contact Cat Wilson for a free coaching consult today. I’m looking forward to helping nurture your nature! (Hugs)