300_1313_00035We all have dreams. Kids start with a view of their surroundings, family, community and decide what is fun. What about you? What’s fun? It all starts with a dream. “What do you want?” How about mind mapping an idea?

What is mind mapping? You will learn about this when you come. Many people talk about wanting to learn, and I  use it in coaching all the time, but in a room where you get to zoom around and play is where you really get it!

How About Mind Mapping an Idea?

Mindmapping is an experiential workshop. Sure, you can find computer programs to do all sorts of things, but mindmapping is intuitive and amazing ideas surface when the body, mind, and spirit come together in a hive of idea people!
One of my joys is in running experiential workshops like mind mapping is that this is where people make connections. Mind, body, and soul.  I’ve facilitated and trained mindmapping in our center in Portland, community colleges in three states, and in companies.  It’s always fun! It has been my pleasure to run with people in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and even the Republic of the Philippines since the 1970’s in bringing people to a higher place. Now it is your turn!

Dream Big!

Steeling a Smile by Richard Wison

Steeling a Smile by Richard Wilson

Have you ever heard that when you reach for the stars you’ll at least get to the moon? It’s time to reach! When my son was younger he wanted to be an Architect. He dreamed. Yes, we mind mapped it. Today, he is an Architect Intern, having finished a Masters degree in Architecture, worked for over a year in architecture firms, and on his way!
Mindmapping is one of the most delightful ways to open up your head!
Each and every day you have a chance to reach into  your life and pull out a treat. Once you get started dipping into your dreams, you find a sense of purpose and joy.

Mindmapping Workshop

Get Your Head on Straight with Cat Wilson

Get Your Head on Straight with Cat Wilson

On August 26th, we begin from joy and move through the realms of your dreams. Are you wanting specified time to work on yours? Give yourself this time when you can join a group of people inspired to begin on their ideas, dreams, and learn a creative process. Come for just one day or both:
Basic MindMapping – 1 Day

  • Go Beyond Barriers
  • Get Experiential Opportunity
  • Play with Creative Techniques
  • Utilize the Benefits and Make a Plan

Advanced MindMapping Course Objectives (2 day)

  • Pull Insight Using Clustering & Different MindModels
  • Tap InnerPower and Intuition with Images
  • Learn How to Fill the Void Using Vacuum Law
  • Practice Shifting Thinking Left to Right Brain
  • Team-building and Group mapping with the Dreamer, Realist and Critic
  • Realize a Higher Identity in Perception Evolution
  • Design and create a Treasure Map Your Goal

Hungry for More?

How about mind mapping an idea? To learn a little bit more, you can click on this link. Of course, you’ll get the full deal when you come to class.
Click here and learn more about this class.

Cat callSpecial Offer

Sign up in the first week of August and get this special deal: $95 instead of $125 for Day 1 of Mindmapping.
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Start Your Story

Remember that you are free to choose a path for your life. Get into a place where your dreams and you feel free you fly! Start your story on day 1 and then keep it growing with more on day 2.  It’s up to you. Only you will know! I’ll see you on August 26th at Apositiva. Food, fun and frolic will be waiting!