Goal setting is popular in coaching circles. It’s a good thing, but do you know the intention for making it happen? Let’s talk about intentions.
In setting goals, one writes a specific outcome with a timeline and who and what it involves … along with an action plan.
Intention is defined as “a determination to act in a certain way.”  It gives purpose to direct the mind.
I see intention as a way to aim the focus, so whatever plan you propose to create has energy to propel.  Intentions are the energy behind the goal.

Setting Intentions Energizes Your Future

When you want to design your life with real experiences, then begin with clarity. Take the vagueness out of your desired goal with a strong intention.
Imagine and Visualize
Use your imagination and design your highest and best possible experience in visualization. If it’s designing a beautiful garden then walk through the garden in your mind and see the blooms popping open, feel the air with the essence of flowers. Touch the delicate flower petals and say, “Hello, beautiful you!”
Create your intention for why you want it. Write it all on a piece of paper as though it was already done. For example:
“I wanted beauty in my life, so I created a beautiful garden that delighted me in the morning with beautiful blooms filling the air with the essence of roses. My garden is growing outside my window now and I love it!”
Happy? Ok. Now put the paper in your pocket. Walk about with your intention. Notice how it grows in your pocket. Does it grow more in your spirit? Good job! I’m proud of you.
Take that intention into your goal and make it more real.
Are  you on a journey in life, looking to fulfill your highest and best possible you? Coaching or Hypnosis could be a great experience.   Set an appointment with Cat Wilson and work up those intentions to meet your highest being – You!
Join Cat in nature for a brief snippet on intentions.