Life Artist Catches Sky Artist

Each day I meditate and use mindfulness. It guides me as I work with people in transition, transformation, and training.
This morning, I awoke to an amazing transformation in the day, watching the fog lift and open the morning!
Can you imagine what a wonderful moment I experienced?
Today, this blog is simply for your enjoyment.
Want to hear me in my voice with these words?
Click Here for a Youtube Sky Artist that I recorded for you.

Sky Artist

By Cat Wilson
Misty moist morning – Moments ago the sky was all gone! White. Bright. Sight. Mountains dissolved. Trees hid. Clouds beyond.
All white! When I turned my back and reentered the room with the window of white … pastels of blue and pink had been added to the canvas!
Within moments the sky artist smudged a bit of – was that yellow? Into peach? And then… white?
I was caught up in the sky’s transformation as a blend moved the essence of morning with a smudge of a white cotton-like smear – here – and an opening of space with blue, cast into heights of calm, spacious upliftingness.
Breathe! I reminded myself. This is fresh!
Taking it all in was delicious and refreshing and clear. My spirit wandered in newness for all – who cared – to attend – the opening of this day!
Zip! The sun rayed it’s flash and entered into the morning dance and with warmth and kindness bringing back the trees, bushes, grass, flowers, creatures perched on branches and strewn across gravity free sky, drifting over the canvas of the sky artist.
In deep, deep appreciation I took another breath and blew it far. mountains began as shadows at first, and then took their assigned seats on the canvas.
My momentary bliss ignited the candle of my being, and my inner light awakened to possibility. A new day!
Not yesterday or tomorrow or even a decade or eon ago – possibility comes in a moment and greets the song of them morning bird who is ready and joyful. In the background of the momentary flash I knew everything! Insight. Hunger is extinguished. Thirst quenched.
Mind gloriously occupied and yet – no words. Insight. All at once. Delivered whole.
Set on a platter in an instant delivery of flavor, delectable in every texture and sweet spicy tang. Aromas like a hug filled with juicy satisfying love and a touch so extraordinary – attention is singular! Only this! Even a key playing a music of a beating wing on the heart of a bird’s melody vibrating smooth and robust and tingling through and through and through and through – till my own essence is filled like a sponge to capacity – wanting to squeeze bliss on the surface of another to share the cool, yet refreshing touch of this – no words.
Breathe! I tell myself. The Muse streaks past in a naked run, surprising my pen and paper, and laughing like the fairy Tinkerbelle, so my heart stays awake in the moment and I have this time to gather insight.
When I once more – look up – the morning has been spread across the new day and the sounds of traffic, refrigerator, animals, human rustling, enter into my notice.
Where have I been?
Did I travel? How far did I go?
Am I a new person – just as this is a new day?
When did I leave and when will I go again?
Did I receive an invitation to the sky artist’s studio or was I kidnapped and pulled on the sleigh in the sky as the music was drawn and displayed in emancipated skill with no permission needed and tucked back into my seat at the window where I found pastels smudged on a blank canvas and drifted joyfully in attention and focus to the beauty of nature and beyond.
When can I come again?
My humanity dances like the cartoon character Snoopy and sings like a bird.
My song feels connected, reaching to beings who are my own, as well as my Community of life. Insight. No words.
Misty morning, how refreshing you are in a dry spiritual pool … filling my soul like a lake ready for new life, creation, gathering all species to it for a sip of refreshment.
Gratitude splashes around in my depths as I allow the insight to be born in me.

Thank you for stepping into Cat Wilson’s world. She’s never done this sort of sharing, so let her know if you like it and she may share more. Visit the Youtube video of Cat in her own words by clicking here.