Art of Learning by Cat Wilson

Art of Learning by Cat Wilson

Can you learn everything online?  Can’t you simply stand on the other side of the fence and watch? Or do you need to be in the experience? How can you learn the architecture of Hypnotherapy and NLP?
If you want to learn what a city is like you need to go into a city so you can experience the atmosphere, people, the architecture. If you want to learn what a garden is, you need to see and smell a flower or vegetable garden. If you want to learn what an orange tastes like, you can read about it, watch videos of oranges and see how it is peeled, used in juices, served, and watch a live person online eat it, but you will not actually taste an orange unless you are in a room with a real orange. Learning and using Hypnosis and NLP is like tasting oranges.

Hop the Fence

People can play with online videos and webinars to learn simple skills and complex ideas. You can see Hypnosis and NLP demonstrated, and yet there are experiential elements that still needs attention. Magic. Art. Creativity. Experience. You want to hop the fence of the video and feel the magic!

Who is a Master?

A Master is one who has practiced an art for thousands hours. What happens in a room watching a Master? Particularly one who has been practicing the Art of Hypnotherapy and NLP for over two decades? You witness magic, art, and creativity. And you experience it!
Our trainers are Masters. We’ve been doing what we do for over three decades. In addition, we bring guest speakers to teach with us that have unique experience to share.

Changing Times

Last year, Rich and I discussed how training was changing. Were we providing what students want? How could we meet the needs of our learners?
We hold workshops in person at Apositiva Center, demonstrating technique after explaining it and setting time for supervised student practice. We also present live webinars and offer some videos online.
So, we asked our team.  Should we still schedule and hold classes in our training center? Do people still want to see technique, ask questions at the time, and practice it with supervision?

How and What Do You Want?

Our classes depend on you with your ingenious brain. How are you wanting to learn? What are you wanting to fill it with and how do you want to get your training? Do you want to taste the magic?
Is there a special class you are looking for in Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Communication, Motivation, Self Development, Mindfulness, or Creativity?
We have many interesting training packages that we would like to present such as “Inner Peace Inner Power”, a week-end that Rich loves presenting, and Cat’s Women’s Retreat “Resplendent Lives.” You determine what we present.
There is an idea that you can learn anything online. This may be possible. Yet, if you want to taste the orange or experience the city or the garden and feel the magic with Masters you may want to come and play.
Please check out Apositiva’s classes. If you don’t see what you want, feel free to call and we can tell you what is on our current schedule. 503-525-0595. Text Cat at 503-816-5104.