Hi, Cyn here!  Happy Halloween Ladies and Gentlemen! Whenever asked, ‘Trick or Treat?’ this time of year, I always pick treat. I also choose to give out treats too. Why? Did you know that today was a day specifically for scaring away bad things going on in this country, the United States of America? This is a day where for a moment we get to take on the image and character of something we want to be ourselves. I remember when I was a little girl I was into She-Rah, a female superhero of my childhood days. (For those of you out there who do not know who She-Rah is, she is He-Man’s sister…not a very well-known superhero even back in my childhood days). I remember my mom and I having to make a costume for She-Rah because it was not available in costume stores for kids in my day. I was 7yrs old, in the second grade and my costume was awesome! Nobody in my class had it; they did know who I was though. Being I am and was blonde back then too, it was cool to have a superhero that looks like me if I was an adult too.
Happy Halloween!Did I ever become any of the aspects of my superhero? For a long time, no. Now? I like to believe so! Now an adult at the young age of 33, I have grown in the last year to become the superhero I need to be. I have awesome friends and have had incredible opportunities in the last few months. So, what kind of treat can I offer you today? How about a few affirmations I wrote for myself today? I am offering you all a treat, a free gift in loving yourselves. A treat that that supports you and supports the life you most desire for yourself. Here you are, your treat for this Halloween day 2013:
I am joyful and deeply loved! I am financially free and successful! I am surrounded by those I love and deeply care for! I create and follow rules that support my life and who I am. I am healthy, well, and I love myself deeply. I am safe, secure and supported by the world that surrounds me.
All those reading this are incredible individuals with a high potential to be and do anything you want to be doing in life. Was my free treat offered a reality in your life today? Ah, yes, please take a moment to visit our website www.apositiva.com and read more information about how we can help you believe in my treat offered to you today. Call and make an appointment with myself, Cyn Wilson at 503-525-0595 or with our other Life Coaches Cat Wilson and Rich Aanrich here at Apositiva. We will await your call to support and walk with you in reaching your life goals. Happy Halloween folks!
~Cyn Wilson