Upcoming Series of Mastery Skills Training

Webinar and Experiential Classes
Hypnotherapy, NLP, and More!

CostumesOnce you get a taste of the fun, food and frolic people experience in learning you will want to keep growing. If you like a casual atmosphere, where people connect, learn, and grow you will enjoy how we present. Join us! Wednesdays after Week 1 are Webinars
Saturday and Sundays are Experiential Classes held in Center
Times:     Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p

  • Week 1) Oct. 27, 28, 29, 2017 (Class in Center)
  • Week 2) Nov. 1, 4-5
  • Week 3) Nov. 29, Dec. 2-3
  • Week 4) Dec. 13, 16-17
  • Week 5) Jan 3, 6-7, 2018
  • Week 6) Jan. 24, 27-28
  • Week 7) Feb. 7, 10-11
  • Week 8) Feb. 21, 24-25
  • Week 9) NLP Completion – March 7, 10-11

Each week-end offers something new to advance your skills.
You can think about all the things you want to learn in life, or you can come and learn now. Sign up now.
Musical MindIt is important to you have a computer that can play video and audio.
Yes, you will connect with instructors and students in live webinars.
Some webinars may be accessed for replay, and many will involve the opportunity to play and ask questions.
Experiential Classes
Our classes are based on small group learning.
Realize that you will be expected to speak, laugh, discuss, participate, and ask intriguing questions.IMG_1597
No boring classroom furniture.
Students interact on couches, chairs, inside, outside, and practice new skills in environments that are conducive to learning in fun ways.
Do you sing?
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