A "gizmo thing-a-ma-bob"  Photo by Cat Wilson

A “gizmo thing-a-ma-bob” Photo by Cat Wilson

It’s the Season for Giving Gifts. What if you could share a natural gift instead of shopping for one? Look around and notice how people around you are gifted. Now look at you. What is your gift?  How can you share that gift with others?
The shopping rush after Thanksgiving came with Cyber Friday through Monday, and my email box is full of advertisements from electronic stores, clothes and jewelry outlets, and the big box places.  Sellers of items that maybe you didn’t even know that you wanted to buy until you saw their ad for a gizmo thing-a-ma-bob.
In past holidays, I’ve seen items like this fall into my shopping basket. On the gift-giving day, I watch my gift being opened and the expression of surprise on the recipient’s face.
“What’s this?”
“It’s a gizmo thing-a-ma-bob.”
“What is it for?”
“It’s for ma-bobbing! Isn’t it great?! I saw it on the internet.”
“Let’s put this in a safe place for later.”
I looked in a high cabinet space recently and guess what?  It’s still there. Unused. It was pretty expensive and never used. Perhaps it would be better to give from my heart. This moment made me rethink the gift thing. What would happen if I gave something of myself, like a gift of what I do well? It sounds like a warm and creative way to share.  Then I wondered, what are my gifts? Let’s explore together.

Notice Gifts

Ken Iverson, Carol Corchero, and Leah Smith in Masterful stories

Ken Iverson, Carol Corchero, and Leah Smith in Masterful stories

You exhibit your gifts when you feel passionate!  Some people are gifted with how they communicate with animals, some can decorate a room with flair out of egg cartons and burlap bags, and I’ve met some people with a gift for storytelling, like Ken Iverson. He tells the story of “Rindercella,” a creative way of re-doing the Cinderella story, and you feel his speaking gift drifting from his heart to yours. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Heartfelt Beauty

The best gifts are ones from the heart. What do you love or love creating?  Can you sing a song as a gift or write a story? My daughter used to give us poems that she wrote and combined in pretty books. My grandchildren gave pictures that they drew for my mother and I filmed them making the pictures as they explained what was in them. My mother cherishes these pictures. Gifts of joy touch hearts.

Creativity Gifts


Peacock fan made by a Child in India

My Aunt Lou sponsors a child in India who sends her gifts.  Years ago, she received a peacock fan. She said it was boxed up and she didn’t really know what to do with it now. My aunt learned that I loved feathers and realized what a special gift it would make to me. She called me and explained that she mailed a “Surprise.”  Anticipation is a lovely part of gift giving on the part of the giver and receiver. When I received the beautiful fan I was delighted and it is on my desk, filling me with joy every time I look at it!
It even came with a card that the children created on plain paper with more feathers, paint, netting and some lace.
Cat Wilson's Peacock card

Peacock card made by Child in India

Instead of spending money on a gizmo, take a few moments and list your skills and joyful hobbies. Then do a check in with your family to see if there is anything they need help with that would be a good gift.  Live in the value of being more sustainable and recycle, and give “White Elephant Gifts” at parties.  Look in your closets and garage and find something that a person you know would love to receive. (Does anyone know a person who wants a gizmo thing-a-ma-bob? )

Handmade Creativity

Creative Play with Moldable Media - Photo by Cat Wilson

Creative Play with Moldable Media – Photo by Cat Wilson

Make something with your gifts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Special Recipes You Can Make and Deliver, including canned goods, cookies, soups, etc.
  • Write a Poem – something silly or romantic
  • Sing a Song – old favorites are nice and it’s so easy to record, or ask a friend to film
  • Tell a Story – history in your family, furry or feathery pet stories, make up a story with a fun twist
  • Make something out of nature – pine cones, sticks, features can be combined into lovely sculptures
  • Check out internet for recipes like homemade playdough and then go play with them making stuff
  • Gifts of time – help clean, watch a pet for a friend, offer to babysit children for parents who need a day off

Get into a Creative Space to Use Your Creativity

Close your eyes and relax.  Breath in deeply.  Remember one of your happiest moments. Maybe it’s a time when you did something silly as a child or played an instrument or watched a sport game.  A time that makes you happy.  When you realize you’re smiling, you are there!  Now that your mind is in the right space, bring to mind activities you love.  Hobbies, etc. Now allow friends and relatives to flow into your mind.  I wonder what little thing you could present as a gift from you?

Cat’s Special

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Call Apositiva at 503-525-0595.

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