“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin
IMG_0732When I see people in public places and sketch them, I am attracted to their energy. It’s taken me almost a year to develop a truly intuitive sense of sketching and see this energy.  I’ve also gained a degree of appreciation that people carry their own energy and can switch it on and off.
During the day, you may be influenced by energy in your physical, emotional, and mental being. The smell of a flower, the sound of music, people talking about different topics, colors and even space. You have your internal thoughts, too.
To live a happier and fuller and healthier life you want to be on top of what is happening around you.

What Energy Are You Influenced By?

The internet, the news, people all seem to carry their perspective. What are they being influenced by? When you hear the newscaster is she giving you particular news because it affects your life or is the station promoting a product that be promoted in the show?
Are you waking up in the morning happy and energized? What stopped that? Was it the body complaining of lack of sleep, good nourishing food, or wanting exercise?
When you give yourself time to evaluate what affects you and what inspires you – you gain control of your environment.When you wake up to the real you, you will discover what’s happening under your radar. Some of our energy is stuck in a past experience and some may be a future imagined event, but it’s going to produce an event inside of you. Even subtle energies can affect you. The point is to create the formula for the energies that bring you the highest and best possible life!
Interestingly enough, this is exactly what Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) teaches you. NLP is the Art and Science of Human Excellence. We have been guiding people in NLP sessions and teaching sessions for a long time, and we are always amazed at how people discover their power! Yes! NLP empowers the individual!
Learn how to master your inner and outer experience and gain a fulfilling life.  It’s up to you.

Want to Know More?

Pasture of Possibilities by Cat Wilson

Pasture of Possibilities by Cat Wilson

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