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NLP Master Practitioner Program – Starting January, 2017
Yes! Become a Master!  You graduated from the NLP Practitioner or you received your Practitioner at a different training center. You are ready to move on and become a Master Practitioner. We provide creative training where you get there and have fun!
Week 1 – January 10, 13-14
Week 2 – January 17, 20-21
Week 3 – January 31, February 3-4
Week 4 – February 14, 17-18
Week 5 – February 28, March 3-4
Week 6 – March 14, March 17-18
How to Sign up?
Students who sign up 30 days early receive a nice discount. So, don’t wait.
This is the time to get rolling and make your dreams into reality. Cat Wilson and Rich Aanrich have been trainers in Portland for over 20 years, and we make it fun, creative, and you get lots of exercises!
Cat Wilson is one of the Award Winners of the NLP World Community Award, presented in Montreal, Canada. She is a compassionate, creative, and masterful trainer.
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Hypnotherapy Certification with NLP Practioner, Too

Rich Aanrich

Yes! Become a Hypnotherapist and NLP, Practitioner.Oops. This class is ongoing, so contact us if you think you may qualify for a “jump start” into the class.
Week 1 – October 27, 28, 29
Week 2 – November 1, 4-5
Week 3 – Nov. 29, Dec. 2-3
Week 4 – December 13, 16-17
Week 5 – January 3, 6-7
Week 6 – January 24, 27-28
Week 7 – February 7, 10-11
Week 8 – February 21, 24-25
NLP Completion March 7, 10-11
After 1st week-end attend Wednesday Webinar, & Come Sat/Sun onsite.

Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

Learn the Magic of Transformation, How to Model Human Excellence, Story-telling, and advanced NLP Processes to live your life to be the highest and best possible you!
How to Pay: Credit Card, Cash, or Check accepted.
Call us at 503-525-0595