Are you lucky?  People tell me I’m lucky. Stuff happens and they see how peaceful I am. Then something good happens. How do I maintain peace? Mindfulness!

I attribute so much to my mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, and tools to stay naturally calm.  It works!
There’s a great blog about how it works on Sciencenordic. Mindfulness helps you get control of your brain. It helps regulate your thoughts. You feel stabilized and peaceful.
You’ll find the facts online about mindfulness, and when you do it you’ll find them inside YOU!

‘Tis Your Lucky Day!

Let me make you lucky!  Take advantage of a self-paced Mindfulness class online. People pay $145 now for this class and get a million times the benefit in mind, body, and spirit!
For a week you can get it for $17. Why? What goes around comes around… that’s what I believe. Or… if you need two reasons, it’s because I have green eyes and it’s a green day!
If you are a Coach or Hypnotherapist, this course will give you five (5) continuing education credits. Can you think of a better way than mindfulness and meditation to spend 5 hours? That’s $3.40/per credit. You are not only lucky, but very smart to snag this offer.
Mindfulness and More.
This offer expires on March 22nd!
Grab your class and share the luck of the Irish with a friend.
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