Helen Keller found a silent voice of happiness despite being blind and deaf, while she brought happiness to others in her work. How could she find and be a producer of happiness? 
Learning was a major hurdle for Helen Keller, because everything was harder — reading by braille, seeing by touch with fingers. Yet, Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Helen filled her days with activity, friends, writing, and  — happiness. Click here for Lunch with Helen Keller.
People find happiness in simple life experiences. Imagine the soft, kind touch of a hand, a gesture of warmth in a hug, bringing a friend a cup of tea… sharing a story.
Challenges do not define you, rather they force you to find ways to make life better, because you have the ability to learn. You consequently overcome your challenges.
Helen Keller was active politically, and helped others through her writing and political campaigns. One example was when she campaigned for “talking books.” Helen worked persistently, knowing she would improve the lives of disabled persons.
Exceptional people inspire me. Helen Keller, an exceptional person, showed us how to go beyond challenges. She inspired blind and seeing people to go beyond what they thought was a problem. Helen produced happiness.
Do you produce happiness? 
Take a moment and consider — is there someone you know who could use some happiness? What pleasure could you bring? You don’t have to be a miracle worker to pitch a ball of happiness to another. Happiness is helping a person who is stuck, and showing them the way.
Discover happiness in simple ways, and be sure to produce happiness for others.  As Helen Keller said, “No one has the right to consume happiness without producing it.”

Be a Producer of Happiness.

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