Pediatric HypnosisIn the highest and best way can make a difference. How you start your day can seep into the continuing moments. Who and what you include can better prepare you. Let me give a quick example.
Today is Thursday and I knew I had a meeting in Downtown Portland at 8:30 a.m. It’s a professional meeting, so that means a shower and a suit. Getting up, feeding the pets, making coffee and scrambling eggs goes fast. Into the shower.
fear“Eeeeeek! Spider!” It’s me and the spider in the shower, and this was supposed to be the fast 5-minute rinse and dry off! However, I like to save spiders, and carefully capture and release them outside. Tick, Tick Tick goes the time piece. I happen to have a plastic Starbucks water cup near by, dump the water, dry it off, and snag the spider. Stepping with wet feet out of the shower, I grab a robe (carefully holding sealed cup), and take to the front door. Unlock the door, step out with wet head and in robe and release spider in planter. A life saved!
Quick! Get back to the shower and move faster, because now there was a little extra piece added to my busy morning.  Yet … I feel really happy! I’m smiling. A life was saved! The rest of my day is going great, and surprisingly my meeting turned out 50{8b3a2f999ba59642dfe826ddd554f6c9ff0174d7b182d4f1913e29042ced5c7c} better than expected, and every person I met smiled at me (was I glowing or what?).

How You Start Your Day

Take a moment and imagine your day.  Is it busy? Make it as wonderfully easy with preparation in your mind.  Add something extra in your mind (like a spider), and imagine how you will respond.  Now you are even more prepared!
Now, let’s expand your world:

  • if you have children in your life, imagine how their day starts. When you were thinking of your busy day, did you include the children and how their day might go?
  • if you have a partner in life, when you planned your day, did you include what might be going on in their world?

Just like the spiders, others are a part of your world and a “whole person” takes it all into consider. Consider the people, environment, feelings, health, and possibilities (good ones, too).
I hope this makes your day better in how you start your day. When you are looking for more insight, feel free to give us a call at Apositiva. We have coaches and guides to open new worlds.

People Who Love Kids

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