Blood spurted onto my shirt and I realized I’d been hurt. I’m standing in the kitchen watching blood, wondering, “What happened?” Surprised. Shocked! “What do I do?”  Dropping the bloody sweet potato and knife into the sink, I see blood seeping from my hand. I look around for something to help. Anything! I’m feeling anxious. I need to stop the bleeding. I reach out and grab a nearby towel, plug the wound on my hand, and wrap the towel around it. I dash to the bathroom naturally equipped with a handy medical kit of gauze, Neosporin, and an assortment of various sized bandages. In this quiet safe space I unwrap the wound, review it, and carefully bandage the cut. The wound is taken care of. Now to deal with the stress of the ordeal.

Trauma. Symptoms. Remedies.

Bleeding is an obvious symptom of a body trauma or wound. Most people recognize a symptom of a trauma to the body, and know simple fixes like how to stop bleeding. How many of us recognize symptoms of a trauma or wound to our emotions?
The Greeks defined “trauma” as a “wound”. Originally this applied to only physical injuries.  As the meanings of words change, trauma came to include emotional events too. Words change, but trauma is still a wound.

Symptoms of suffering of trauma

Trauma leaves scars. Fearful. Sad. Nervous. Has anyone mentioned that you seem irritable or angry lately? Do friends and family complain that you’re not listening? Are you forgetting simple things? You may be experiencing the psychological scars, symptoms, and signs of a trauma.
These are some signs and symptoms of emotional trauma:

  • Irritability, frustration, anger
  • Distracted and forgetful
  • Lacking energy
  • Numb to the world
  • Sleep deprived or disturbed
  • Flashbacks

Stuffing the Suffering

When we are suffering we need help. When we don’t know what to do, we may unknowingly turn to substitutions and fall into addiction.  Perhaps you find yourself eating to stuff the feelings. Addictions such as alcohol, smoking (anything), and other drugs can seem like solutions, because it helps numb an intolerable feeling. These are not real solutions. If you had a bleeding arm, would you eat a cookie?
Stop! Before stuffing the suffering, give yourself a 5-minute break. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What am I needing right now? A hug? Someone to listen?”

Who and what is affected?

Anyone can be traumatized and affected in their life. If you show up to work and are fired unexpectedly, this could traumatize you. Many people are still dealing with a job trauma from years ago, or from the traumas that come with military service.
How trauma makes people suffer
Suffering can create affects to your human psyche, spirit, and body. Flashbacks and nightmares are just some of the ways people suffer when they are traumatized. Most people cannot sleep and struggle to overcome intrusive thoughts.  Nervous frustration can make people “feel like crap.”
This can’t go on forever! There needs to be a way out. There are ways to get relief.
Relief – What is needed?
If you are feeling traumatized and feeling the lack of what you need to feel happier in your life, there is something you can do.
Initially you may want to see your doctor to make sure that you’re healthy. Stress from trauma can create high blood pressure, skin rashes, pain, and a range of issues. A psychological exam may help and counseling to talk it out.
What if this isn’t enough to get you relief? Consider calling in an alternative healer or practitioner in the art and science of human excellence, and allow yourself a higher level of healing. Healers come in many forms. Hypnotherapists, energy practitioners, massage therapists, poets, music therapists, and many more.
As alternative healing practitioners we are heart-focused and offer an array of treatment modalities and tools to give you the support you want and need to heal. We listen and offer client-centered services. This means that nothing is done to you, rather you do the work. You get to own your own experience.
Transmutation – Alchemy
It’s time for you to go through a transmutation and allow healing. Anything, even trauma, can be source material for something better. Transmutation is alchemy, like when coal is pressurized and becomes diamonds, when grapes turn into fine wine, or lead is made into gold.
You’ve seen what nature does. Nature adapts when the need presents itself. Changes occur through metamorphosis for many creatures such as a butterfly and dragonfly. One minute they’re a small caterpillar or tadpole and the next an exquisite flying miracle! Humans can do this, too. It starts in the mind.

How You Can Improve Your Life

Apositiva offers an opportunity for transformation and transmutation through sessions and training. Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, mindmapping, coaching, and many more creative processes. You can call us for appointments here or online. Our beautiful environment is filled with healing energy.

Learn and Grow

September 7th,  opens with our new Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner certification training programs. Most people who attend an Apositiva workshop come for the experience. This class will focus on learning with time to play.
People learning these tools can use them for themselves, but you can use this to help others.
The power of these “life tools” is that you will have these tools for the rest of your life. What you learn you can use!
You’re worth it. Begin your own transmutation and begin to live the life you were meant to enjoy!
Contact us and come in for a free consultation. We work in person one on one, online, and on the phone.