A New Story

By Cat Wilson

Birds singing. Smells of spring float on the air. The minds wanders through memories, all part of a familiar story. Does this story uplift you, or is it time for something new?
A story can give us a place to wander when our mind is busy. When we need a release whatever is distracting us from being our best, the story we tell ourselves makes all the difference. This is your time to create a new story—one where life’s concerns are manageable, and there is a deep underlying knowing that everything will be just fine
You begin right here, right were you are. Perhaps you’re sitting or lying back, and maybe there is a window nearby. You rise, go to the window, and look out. Whether it’s day or night you can still see a little contrast.
Get comfortable and allow yourself to go inward to a place where you can find a story that helps you grow, or perhaps an inner guidance. A guidance that comes from far away. Guidance from one who loves you very much. One who is there, sending rays of light that illuminate the day or night. Whatever the weather and wherever you are, this loving feeling is always serving you on the level that you need it.
So let’s begin with the breath.
Breathe in and breathe out.
And imagine that there is a story that’s beginning right now, right here, today! Change your life with a new story, one that supports everything you want in life and gives you freedom to let go of everything that no longer serves you.
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