When life doesn’t go the way that we expect, kerfuffle might be right around the corner. It’s that thing that happens when the stresses of a situation reach the point of explosion, when the conflict bubbling under the surface becomes a volcanic eruption of words and emotion. While letting off some steam might feel good for a little while, kerfuffling rarely changes the root issue. In fact, it can make it worse.
We’ve all shared a living space at some point in our lives, whether the family home of our childhood, a place we split with roommates, or wherever we settle down with a romantic partner. With a shared home comes a need to consider our cohabitants in every decision affecting the environment. This is the perfect ecosystem for kerfuffle to begin brewing, when little messes and misunderstandings start to stack up like a Jenga tower.
That’s not the whole story though. Actually, to kerfuffle or not to kerfuffle is a choice that we all get to make, everyday. But it often doesn’t feel that way. Instead, it feels like a natural reaction to circumstances that are outside of our control. Have you ever seen someone yelling towards a television while watching a sporting event? Our lives aren’t spectator activities, and the people in our lives aren’t machines. We deserve our best, and they do too.
At Apositiva, we are experts in diffusing kerfuffle before it becomes kerfuffle, and we are excited to share these skills with you. That is, the skills needed to tame the inner dragon who breathes destructive fire into your life. There’s another side to dragons, too, where they are seen as creatures of intelligence, wisdom, and transformation. By doing some inner alchemy, you can create a life where the energies feeding kerfuffle are redirected into beauty and love.
How does it work? First, we’ll set up a free introductory meeting to discuss where you’re at and where you want to be. Then we’ll formulate a plan together, a road map leading away from the kerfuffle trap and towards your soul’s satisfaction. You can select from a variety of services including creative coaching, training dragons, diffusing ferfuffle, hypnotherapy, training, and more! Contact Cat today to get started. Call (503) 525-0595 or email cat.wilson@apositiva.com.