By Cat Wilson
A clean thought stream brings clarity. That stream is a part of a bigger ecosystem in our life that fills the spaces we inhabit and move through.
Life is a combination of mind, body, and spirit, and all three are in relation with the places we spend our time.
If we hope to grow, we can start by being conscious of the room we give ourselves and how it reflects our inner state.

Are your spaces filled to the rim?

We can collect so much lovely stuff on a single surface: books, bits of paper, dirty cups, tools, “treasures”, important mail, and so much more. Clutter takes us away from our balance and messes up our ecosystem. Clutter distracts us from the project at hand.
By clearing and tidying, we open the possibility for greater focus and presence.
Physical objects take up space in the brain too. It’s easy to take the burden of clutter for granted, when it’s become part of the background.

Got distraction?

Today I’m working on several projects on the same day with several meetings scheduled too. I do a piece of one project and then set it aside to enter a meeting. In between I pick up another project, work on it, then stop for another meeting.
I decide that each of these projects deserves a good space, so I block out time to focus on just one thing. I feel better, but something is in my way. I’d like to get more focused.
Under my desk is a basket containing a binder, some peripherals from the computer, and a bunch of papers with notes. It’s been under my desk for a month. Every time I sit by my computer in this space I wonder what’s in the basket. Even when I get into the zone working on something, there’s still a space in the back of my mind where that stuff lives, wanting to find its home.

Spinning Minds Keep Us Looping

As I work on my projects, the corner of my eye keeps picking up the basket.
Is there something important in there? At least some of the contents are ready for me to toss or recycle. All these thoughts go around and around.
It really wouldn’t take long to put everything in its proper place, and then I’d be free to focus on the important task at hand.
On my wall is a sign that says: Just Do 30 Minutes. Walk, meditate, feel gratitude, massage my feet, love, hug and be hugged, clean a shelf, open a book and flip, write loosely, learn, make money, sort receipts… whatever it is that’s hard to start but I know will be worth it.
Taking 30 minutes to get something out of the way can make an impact that lasts. I stop and set the timer. “Let’s do this!” I tell myself. Pull out the basket and pick up each item. Going through this stuff is quick, because I have a simple focus of removing clutter from anything important that I’ll keep. Ding!
Thirty minutes pass and I realize I’m done. I feel refreshed, even though I’ve been really busy. The clearing effect on the body, mind, and spirit is immediately obvious. Life is lighter.
Doing a quick spring cleaning is like hitting the “reset” button. Here are benefits of spring cleaning:

  • Everything is in it’s place.
  • Clutter is released to serve its purpose.
  • Your senses are relieved.
  • Precious physical and mental space is honored
  • You now have a sense of order and organization.
  • Deciding what to keep brings appreciation and confidence.

Feeling focused in a clean space makes it possible to be more present and productive.
I’m working with a clean thought stream now, feeling ready and available.
Mind Clutter
Okay, now it’s your turn! How can you do a little spring cleaning? Just do 30 minutes and see what happens.