Do you live in a busy world? Are you a city-dweller who is feeling anxious or moody? A mind in a city is different than a mind in nature.
A busy world can create disharmony in the brain. City-dwellers face more stress than people who live in rural places, according to studies in neuroscience. Research on urban-rural differences has found an increased risk of mood disorders and anxiety disorders. Many find just being in a city causes them to be anxious.
In the city a part of the brain senses danger and stress builds. The mind/body works together to take in senses, like sounds of machines and cars, smells from exhaust, visions of people rushing around, and constantly being bomb-barded by electronic media.
These sensations create an experience witnessed in the mind/body as anxiety.
What can you do to relieve anxiety and moodiness?
When your body feels a dip of energy and your mood gets dark, lighten your load with a breath of fresh air.

Stillness Supports Your Mind

Step out of the city and connect with nature. Find a tree-lined park and enjoy the offering of trees, flowers, and animals. In autumn in the Pacific Northwest you can especially enjoy the colorful changes as leaves take on beautiful golden and crimson hues. Beauty is all around! Stop and listen to the stillness.
Feel the cleansing effect of a nature walk.
Something beautiful is happening in the stillness.
How do you get to stillness when you can’t get to nature? Meditation and self-hypnosis can give you a sense of stillness. These mind/body processes give the feel of being away. They can even bring you to a moment of re-experiencing a time in nature.
Find out more by coming in for a session with Cat Wilson. Discover the something beautiful in your stillness.
Enjoy nature with Cat Wilson in this brief video.