New Life Perspective

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Are you feeling down? Holiday getting to you? Need new perspective? Who do you know who laughs at life? Comedians show us new ways of looking at life … and make us laugh. When we laugh, we feel better. New Life Perspective I searched for an inspirational comedian to inspire a new life perspective. Richard Pryor popped up and I noticed that he passed away […]

Inspiration to Find Meaning

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Nature reminds us that we move in a cycle of seasons as part of a bigger story of place, being, and time. In the season of winter you have the opportunity to rest, reflect, go inside. Here is an opportunity for you to explore and get inspiration to find meaning. What is your meaning? Do you have work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and […]

Sky Artist Cat

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Life Artist Catches Sky Artist Each day I meditate and use mindfulness. It guides me as I work with people in transition, transformation, and training. This morning, I awoke to an amazing transformation in the day, watching the fog lift and open the morning! Can you imagine what a wonderful moment I experienced? Today, this blog is simply for your enjoyment. Want to hear me […]

Inspired by a Dragonfly Story

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As adults we usually do not pick up children stories unless we have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students. However many children’s books are written with good ideas and wonderful messages. I wonder what children’s book could inspire you today? My partner Rich just returned from Colorado from vacation. He was visiting his adult children and enjoyed also visiting some of the places where he […]

What are the Messages in Your Messes?

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Look around. Listen, and notice. How do you feel?  What are the messages in your view?  You may discover that you can feel better by simply changing the view and creating a new message. Once upon a time, I worked in graphic design. It was a big part of my life, and still is a part of me, so I pay close attention to color, […]

Be a Seed

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In the world are gardens. What does a garden mean to you? If you were to be a seed what would you grow? Gardens of cities grow buildings, streets, and pavement for busses, taxies, cars and bicycles. In the fields of nearby towns are houses, big and small houses with lots of chimneys, windows, and flower pots on balconies. Apartment buildings sprout to the sides […]

Morrie and His Ability

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Storytelling is one of the oldest means for communicating.  Do you enjoy a tale about super heroes?  How about fantasy tales that bring a lesson? Here is one for kids (and adults). I wrote “Morrie and His Ability” in 1983. This story was originally written to inspire my children when they felt bullied by other kids. First, a little thought about why we tell stories. […]

What Opens Your Heart?

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What Opens Your Heart? Look around you and see all the amazing brilliance of Autumn!  Isn’t it amazing what glory nature exhibits in the final show before Winter comes to help us rest? Nature provides an abundant banquet on the planet, whether you are in Anchorage, Alaska or Santa Cruz, California or Paris, France.  Where are you and what can you see around you that […]

Trick or Treat? Treat Please!

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Hi, Cyn here!  Happy Halloween Ladies and Gentlemen! Whenever asked, ‘Trick or Treat?’ this time of year, I always pick treat. I also choose to give out treats too. Why? Did you know that today was a day specifically for scaring away bad things going on in this country, the United States of America? This is a day where for a moment we get to […]