Make a Better Future Partnership by Transformation

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Want some enlightening thoughts regarding being a better you?  I was watching some pretty cool videos from online with my friends the last two Friday nights in October. They were enlightening videos about how single people can prepare to be in a committed relationship. The videos talked about all the ways we can prepare ourselves by changing ourselves so we can be the loving, supporting […]

Paradigm of Respect

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In fairness to you and me, how do we respect me and you?  Got rules? Got boundaries?   Listen to Audio of “Paradigm of Respect” Here: 2013_9_11 Paradigm of Respect Cat: This is a good time as people are trying to get schedules together, whether for new school, or new jobs, or maybe someone’s got a new relationship or something.  Just to talk about respect. […]

Watch for Hoola Hoops Ahead

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  Watch for Hoola Hoops Ahead “How do I know what to do?” A person is going through changes. Moved. Relationship changed. Running from an old life and trying to be more authentic. “What do you want? How would that look, sound, feel, sense to you?  Listen. Then… become aware. Watch for signs,” I say. “What is around you that is sending you messages? How […]

Change Your Brain .. Walk with Me in the Rain

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Change Your Brain .. Walk with Me in the Rain Want Healthy?  Healthy = Being + Doing + Sharing.  Plan regular daily trips to “Healthy” using activity. Prepare for your daily healthy living by taking your bodies outside … walking and talking. Being in the moment and sharing. Being alive means being present in the moment. Be active in the experience of your life. Portland, […]

Advice for Seeking a Fresh Start

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Advice for Seeking a Fresh Start Who knows better than the person who has lost everything in how to get a fresh start?!  Life, business, and relationship. The challenge, however, is that we naturally gravitate to what we know. How do we seek a fresh start? If you want to find a new relationship you may start looking in the same place you met your […]

Gluten-free, a Safe Place to Play

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Gluten-free, a Safe Place to Play   Recently I made a visit home. How many of you go back to a safe place you used to call home? It’s an odd experience. Why? Well, because there is another me living back there that is still “her.” The 8-year-old kid. It’s like when I left I stayed that age back there, and moved on to grow […]

Dream of a Lifetime

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Dream of a Lifetime “Hello! Welcome! Hair cut today? Nails?” “Yes,” I said, actually only coming in for a hair trim. “Five, maybe 10 minutes. You come sit and relax.” She directed me to a comfortable chair with controls to massage my back… patiently waiting until I sat down, she set up the controls and asked if ok. Nodding, I agreed. Sitting back in the […]

Executive Coaching – May 14-15

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Executive Coaching Workshop for Coaches! Are you ready to work with executives in your coaching practice? Want to get the tools and strategies? Well, this is the class for you. Dr. Marci Nemhauser and Cat Wilson are presenting a class just for you. This is for coaches new to working with professionals and executives. Objectives: Define and Identify Differences Between Executive & Life Coaching. Learn […]